Meridian Industrial

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Our expertise in heavy machining allows us to serve customers across the country and in a variety Best Online Casinoof different industries.  While the majority of our customers are located in New England we regularly ship throughout the lower 48. Working with large and odd-shaped parts gives us experience in shipping logistics that you won&casino gamesrsquo;t find elsewhere. 

This business was built on the heavy commercial work that makes up the backbone of America’s infrastructure.  As always, we continue to provide machining to our customers in the water generation, Best online gambling sitespower, and fabrication industries.  More recently, with the addition of new equipment and technology, Meridian has expanded the aerospace, defense, and space side of our company.  With these customers serving America’Online casino game 2024s warfighters, Meridian is committed to doing our part to keep the country at the forefront of manufacturing and technology.”