Meridian Industrial

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The quality department at Meridian Industrial Group is dedicated to assuring your parts are made to your exact specifications. We are certified to the Best online gambling siteshighest standards including a basic quality management system called ISO 9001:2008. Meridian Industrial is also AS9100 certified. AS9100 is a quality standard for aviation, space, and defense industries. These certifications are crucial in the aerospace machining industry.

We also hold casino gamesindividual vendor codes for customers such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, and UTC Aerospace. The quality department at Meridian Industrial Group follows strict procedures to ensure every detail of your part is accounted for. We also have the most up-to-date measurement systems, such casino gamesas a FaroArm and Renishaw tool and part probes.

Meridian Industrial Group uses the FaroArm because it ensures high machining accuracy levels, improved machining measurement consistency, reduced parts inspection time, and generates automatic reports with precise measurement. The FaroArm has the ability Online casino game 2024to provide 3D parts inspections, machining tool certifications, CAD comparisons, dimensional parts analyses, and reverse engineering operations.