Meridian Industrial

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In an industry where quality means everything, we've been leading the way since 1881.

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Who We Are

Learn how we transformed from a foundry, serving the booming paper industry in 1881 into one of the premier large machining contractors in the commercial, aerospace, Best online gambling sitesand defense industries.

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Our Industries

Whether it’s engine cases for the aerospace industry or valves for the commercial water industry Meridian exceeds expectations

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Our Versatility

Our experience with heavy machining is what sets Best Online Casinous apart, but we also excel with smaller precision machining. Assemblies and production runs are a core competency.

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Facilities List

At Meridian we have a wide array of machines to meet the ever growing needs of a wide customer base

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Jobs and Careers

As Meridian continues to grow to meet the worlds demand for innovative machining, we’re looking for people who still take pride in the saying “Made in America”

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